12:51 Centuries ago

I am more concerned with aesthetics than before. Music means something now and there is a constant need to discover a new journey in music each day. Words create more words. And yet I’m not worried about their meaning too much. I look for balanced scenes in movies where the visual strikes an accord with the sound. I see the city as evolving from within, letting go of pretense as easily as any modern pedestal created and re-created anew.

I look for editing. Cuts. Culling. Crisis.

I go back to the roots when hip hop was political and politics was lyrical. I don’t care about how I sound. I choose to disrupt or be silent. I have a power over myself and my production.

I have grown into a new world. I don’t think about my plans. I work because it’s easy. I start with the because and leave the therefores back in Oxford. I explain how I experience. I don’t care if it’s true or not. I don’t want to share. I don’t know how to share. In a very large part, I am not me anymore. But I still think every night about the rain, thunder, blackness, sea, moments of absolute synchrony with existing, acceptance of living and death equally, sex, minutes and hours, affirmation, and hot sands down in Mexico.