Hi there, thanks for finding me online.

Just like most people, I have not really figured out who I am yet. But recently I have embraced the fact that I am simply not one brand, one person, for too long at a time. I consider this space to be a conscious reflection of who I am, what I am, one day at a time. I have been aware of myself for about the past 216 months and in that time I have lived in 9 different places in 6 countries.


I consider myself a life experimentalist. This means that I am always on the look out for experiences completely new to me. It means that over the years I have nourished a passion for classical music as well as hip-hop. It means that I am deeply passionate about the development of human form, both intellectual and physical. It means that for me there is no universally justifiable moral code. It means I want to learn about what you find meaningful and merge it, or rather let it evolve, cultivate my own worldview. And then, through places like this or my other media, I will reflect it back to you.

Currently I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and work as a Creative Specialist at Google. I work on data driven creative, emerging creative formats (VR/AR, IoT, Assistant integrations, etc.), and I am passionate about inspiring others how to connect data and creativity. I studied Philosophy and the Great Books in the US and Psychology and Computational Neuroscience in the UK.

I like to collaborate with people and inspire others to grow. I like to discover new ways in which we can connect as humans and even redefine what it means to belong to humanity. In today’s words: communications and branding. If you believe we would be a good match, tell me why!