Being at work, staying the same

Coming back to work now feels like the very first month here – we came a full circle then. Each day, there is a new challenge – a slight variation on trying to keep to myself a simple what the fuck is this? In the temperatures that trap the city in tiring heat, I have very little will to battle vapid thoughts. Especially so when the most interesting thing about my work day is the constant, sometimes very vigil battle over the air conditioning.

Being at work, staying the same. What else is there to say about the environment which we perhaps artificially push to be childlike because we want to be known for curiosity, innovation, and fail fast attitude? When instead it turns into a grotesque playground where kids refuse to share their toys, cry murder to exhibit their dominance, and point out inane facts.

But being at work, staying the same is also Sach’s translation of entelechia. In Aristotle, entelechia represents a certain completeness of all beings – a stage in which a being becomes fully encapsulated and described by its continuous work at being itself. It means being at work, working very hard in order to keep itself being the same, being defined. Now if I contrast such a state with a state where one is always in flux, never really knowing how to be defined or even fully capable of being defined, we can think of Aristotle’s conception as a fixed definition – like the fact that I am a human being – and the conception of in flux as an evolving state – like the fact that in a couple of years the definition of human being may extend to first cyborgs, then robots, and lastly softwares.

In any given moment we can be defined, I agree, but stretch that moment out too long and you become someone who has to keep working very hard to stay the same. On the other hand, embracing the fleetness of such moments, we too become in flux, undefined, unidentified, man and woman who craft their own meaning.

So is it too much to ask in a world of seven billion people that I work with people who are not being at work, staying the same but who become their own being, every day, in every task, for everyone?

(picture by Todd)