All the world’s a stage

Shakespeare is one of the few texts I can come back to many times and each time find a new, often very personal meaning in it. All the world’s a stage first meant to me that we are here to perform because all that is required of us is a dedicated, beautiful performance that trespasses the classical arc from exposition to finale. Then it meant that the busy and often nonsensical happenings in the world around us are merely observed by us with indirect participation, with predestined input here and there. Then it just didn’t mean anything. Now it means that we are all moving together not in order to put on a show but rather to just keep the stage afloat; keep the business coming in.

We go through our days with a passion to move ourselves closer to the end of them and beginning of night and rest. We follow the necessary paths, repeating the necessary lines, and becoming the necessary parts. We all have our own reasons.

Joining a colossal tech company that Google has become, it was always in the back of my mind that I am joining as someone who will have a very specific role to play. How else would we continue to deliver if we weren’t sure when and where and why. This week at our regional conference, we were again reminded of our purpose here and for some it was a jarring and uncomfortable reminder. For me it felt like a firm but also unhurried push towards creating a system of my own values and hoping that others would want to participate in this production.