Caught in between transfers

Joining Google was one huge paperwork fanfare and now transferring to Sydney is turning out to be another one. Some things Australia really perfected – like the fact that they have electronic visas so I never have to appear anywhere in person in order for my passport to be physically branded – and some other things leave me hoping that there exists a country where paperwork was abolished. But it is not so bad when one is just slowly putting together papers that document their past five, six years and seeing the tremendous step forward. Who would have thought?

Even last year in Oxford, when I was already toying with this feeling of how nice it would be to experience life in Australia, I never thought that I would be going there now. Although I always take full ownership of my career and life, at that point in time it just didn’t seem like everything would be aligned just so. Besides it was just a feeling, a small fleeting thought that occurred somewhere close to the thought that it would be nice to live in New York or to move to Chiang Mai, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it. But here we are, scanning those diplomas, describing my projects in the past year, signing a new health insurance form, and worrying about how to transfer this pension advance from here to there.

It definitely does not feel like a simple transfer from one continent to another, like I did before, it feels like I am caught between a gradual but very real transfer to adulthood. And what is stranger is that I welcome this process with an energy of a small child. I am ready to leave the harbor – I am ready to grow and to be more and to do it all with others.