Keeping my sanity in check

Next week will be the real goodbye week as I am working for the last day in my current role. Slowly I am updating my resume and putting together little easter eggs for my current team that I will send out every morning of next week. I am starting to think about how to manage my productivity in a role where (finally) I will have some flexibility. My room is still a mess but the vision of bringing maximum of 30 kg of things will keep me busy organizing this upcoming week.

It’s good. I am already planning on getting rid of all of the things that are simply useless to me now. Although I am not prone to hang on to sentimental items or to switching my wardrobe each coming season, I still accumulate stuff. And it doesn’t help that I am moving again. During a move I first eradicate most of my stuff only to end up with more stuff at the end of it. Things just find a way to my life and it feels like this area of my life can’t be completely controlled. But as I wrote before, somehow (and probably for the better) I feel more like an adult now, slowly thinking about the merits of a monthly budget plan and planning to advance hierarchically on the professional ladders. So it may be that this move will not be so all over the place, but I will hopefully be able to keep myself in check, renting a place that has mostly everything, and keeping light with summer clothes and minimal makeup – the Sydney style.

I am making definite plans for how my days should look like and it is making me calm and excited at the same time to see things like horseback riding or diving or studying Kant again to be real possibilities. This time around I am also considering sharing a house with a lot of people to gain friends outside of work quickly and for the barbecues and chilled bears on Saturday afternoons.

All in all, I am doing as much as I can to keep my sanity in check and to keep myself in this wonderful state where I am calm and collected and hopeful and excited.