What do I read and why you should too

A friend recently asked me to share my sources from which I usually read. At first I thought this was a simple request and I can just write a quick message to her but it turned out that I had to think about this more than I would suspect. What do I actually read nowadays? Regularly that is. It seems like I kind of just aimlessly float through the internet and once in a while I see something worth reading. In the past year it has been much harder for me to find interesting, curated things to read. Now I have to get through a lot of pop culture, news without analyses, and photographs disguised as articles to find something that is strong enough to stand alone and have its own voice.

In any case, here are some of the things that I consider good.

  • The Verge covers a lot of stuff, but some of their tech and future pieces are written in a clear manner and are consistently interesting
  • The Atlantic counts as a news source that does contain analyses and is often thought provoking with extreme level of craftsmanship and integrity
  • Vox’s First Person feature offers an intimate and nowadays not too frequent look into someone’s mind and into what they think and why do they do so
  • IFLScience is for short reads on the subway featuring awesome science, although it is not always current
  • Edge is this wonderful center of philosophy, science, and human culture; it gives place to interesting people share their interesting thoughts on topics that are the core to our existence
  • MIT Artificial Life’s most cited papers updated monthly is in my area of interest but may keep some of you busy as well
  • Wait But Why is a collection of posts about everything and anything interesting written for non-experts and often posing intellectually challenging but important topics to think about
  • The Adventures of Business Cat because you fucking earned it and because I work in a corporation that sometimes matches this level of absurdity
  • Phys.org for all things physics from nano technology and laser physics to biochemistry and engineering, never a dull moment here
  • Medium is a free platform for promising writers and has featured some of the strongest writing I have read in the past year but it is sometimes hard to find – start with top 100 of each month or one of the posts I enjoyed most
  • Cool Material used to be better but I still love this online man’s magazine – expect cool girls, fantastic gadgets, and mindfuck movie and book recommendations
  • Unfancy because I love the idea of a capsule closet and its testament to simplicity, focus, and straightforward style; currently on hiatus but definitely coming back
  • The Ultimate Psychology Reading List is not so ultimate in my opinion but it is foundational and fun + includes topics a well-read individual should know about
  • Wired has some good opinions on the world of tech and but their science section is uninspired
  • Steve Pavlina‘s blog might look like a nightmare from the 90’s but his writing is on point – he documents any conscious aspect of his life and in general treats personal development like an exact science
  • Existential Comics because I waited for this for so – fucking – long; it’s perfect, brilliant, hilarious, and it warms my heart
  • Will Wilkinson will give you the philosophical perspective on what’s going on in the world today
  • Huffington Post for a news source with good integrity, witty commentary, and news that contain multiple point of views – how shocking, yes
  • Al Jazeera for a good source on Asia and the Middle East although their features on Europe and US are also very good, look especially for the opinion pieces
  • ProductHunt for the best and coolest products you can find online, simple format, and I always get stuck here forever. Similar website is Canopy, which is like the best of Amazon beautifully presented.
  • The Big Roundtable is kind of hard to explain; in their own words, they provide fantastic non-fiction storytelling and that’s pretty much true, but it is so much more too
  • The Vocative often features “hidden” stories and always has thought-provoking content
  • Nir and Far has quickly stepped up to be the intuitive voice in futurism, tech, and pop science
  • Last but not least I do keep up with the Trending section on Facebook for a quick round-about of news people find shareable enough and I also pretty much love my Google Now
  • From apps, I can highly recommend Flipboard – it is the best experience reading on your device