The days have flown by

I wanted to write from the day I landed. But I also didn’t particularly want to write as it would take my time away from just experiencing. Just looking around. Just walking. Just simple days. And the days have been very simple indeed. The new job is both easier and harder in all the right aspects. People come in late in the day and leave early to catch up on whatever else they want to be doing. There is no rush to complete more than necessary. But there is passion and desire to do more when it has greater impact. The product is complicated and the support is scattered since I am in a global team now but thanks to this setup, there is so much resilience, patience, and strategic thinking to be learned. 

I found a place nearby to live and I see the water from my balcony. The neighborhood is neat with the high rise skyline just next door and stylish, cute, rustic places right by. I walk through a park to go to work and I cross a beautiful bridge over the harbor to go to the city. I see the clouds rolling from my bed and I can do free weights or yoga on a windy rooftop of my building. 

I have already done many of the mundane things that usually just come with being and feeling settled in a new place but here came fast and easy and comfortably. I already got a haircut, ordered a food delivery, opened a savings account in my bank’s branch, won best speech at my local toastmasters, participated in night running event, went out for weekend brunch alone to read the news, said goodbye to a friend I met just a week before, bought a coloring book, went to a talk about quantum computing, met a new friend in a pub on Tuesday night. I already traveled to Tasmania and Singapore. I already feel settled. 

Sydney is unlike any other city I have lived in or visited before. It is not that it looks different or has different culture or different people. There is just this sense of community overreaching the crazy amount of nationalities that come together to work in the same office, run in the same park, or watch the fireworks over Darling Harbor. People have a sense of life enjoyment that I didn’t see anywhere else. They keep telling you how fantastic this city is and how the weather cannot be beaten even while it is drizzling outside at the moment and hailstorms are forecasted for later that day. They either do not seem to care or more likely not really focus on the negative or rainy days too much. Rather their lives are like a memory, a recollection in which all unimportant details are blurred and inaccessible and rainy weather counts as such an unimportant detail. 

People here have a sense of personal enjoyment: they do whatever they do because they simply want to do it. In a sense it reminds me of how children and younger people behave; they simply pick up whatever just because they want to do it at the moment. Their time is not sharply divided between learning ow to do something and doing it. For them, learning and doing come together and are not distinguished. No practice categories like beginner or intermediate exist. Only the work at hand exists. I used to be like that too; in fact we all used to be like that. But maybe over here people continue to be that well past their graduation or first job. 

There is a definitive difference in the way I think now. I am not too hurried to get to the next obstacle. I am not too fast to succeed and move on. I want to enjoy the process. I still want to remember the days and years of getting there and not just the two minutes of having done that. And it just may be that in Sydney, it is possible for me to do so.