The next morning with some unfinished thoughts

Waking up here feels different too. Exploring different music each morning as I make and eat breakfast. Both having plans and having freedom to do them whenever I want. Today I need to buy some colored pencils for the coloring book. I’ll let friends make the best of it and then send it back home, wherever home will be by then.

At this region’s conference, Phillip said to either enjoy the passion you have or fight hard to get it. It was a slight twist of what he said in Dublin and it only felt true and possible here in Singapore. I no longer think that I have just lost any semblance of caring about anything. In fact I think that any resentment or feelings of dejection are my personal failure to fight for my passion. I was looking to fail spectacularly and that was the driver behind many of my more conscious decisions. To realize that I’ve been failing and I wasn’t conscious of it until now.

So I will think about how to turn this around, go out there and enjoy again the things that are there to enjoy: find philosophy and make sure it comes along with science, art, and commitment to carry out the argument; breathe out in the sea or on a horseback; feel strong enough to be supportive.