The emotions are mine but they’re not real

That was said by Tom in an interview about what it means to be a great actor. And yet I find it applies to what it means to be at least an average human these days. There are these little wisps of emotions that sometimes overtake us and sometimes just stay dormant in corners of choices we make. And at least my generation knows that it is precisely those choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

After today, many of us are making those choices that will define what we are. We must not be rash in our actions and we must not let emotions sweep us up into a whirlwind of blind fires. But we must make those choices. We must take a stand for a world that remains open. We must not imprison ourselves today nor tomorrow.

How can we make meaningful choices unless our world remains open? How can we recognize what we are if we refuse our reflection, refuse to listen?

But this is not to say that we must keep still.

We must take a stance, a strong one, and demand that those, who believe they can escape into neutrality and thinly weaved words that reveal above all their own naivety, take a stance too. What happened in Paris and Beirut were acts that were not senseless. They were prepared to make us act on our immediate emotions. But all I saw today were people grieving on the streets, reasoning about the potential outcomes, and coming together to stay strong.

For myself, there will always be hope that one day we will look at religion and tradition the same way we now look at the unsophisticated animalistic behaviors of early humans. And along those lines, that one day we will see our common strength like a spark of fire.