Five long days of rain

Last week brought some of the best moments and some of the worst moments, and I really do not appreciate that I sound like broken Dickens. I am starting to understand what city Sydney will be like for me and who I will be able to become here. I’ve been reading good words, seeing exceptional movies, and listening to some exquisite music. And all of this is just moving me closer to the inevitable moment when I will feel ready to leave, ready to grow some more again.

I finally saw The Revenant today and in short it was one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. Watching it, you become engulfed in the beauty of it all and while your heart aches with still tension and intense motion, it’s even better to follow the film intellectually. Witch its subtle references to everything from Dante and the Old Testament to There Will Be Blood and Faulkner, the movie is at once a stand alone feature about all, especially all suffering. In The Revenant, everything is short lived except life itself. Nothing is given and yet nothing is won either – nature just follows its course and men follow theirs. The film hints very subtly at themes of free will because it hardly feels like anyone is able to craft their own destiny, all swayed back and forth by forces other than their own. And so it’s no surprise that Iñárritu is able to craft and tell a story of utter suffering – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering – where all that is left at the end is the welcomed void.