The opposite of us

It’s two am and it’s my last week in Sydney before I move. Everything has come to be so fast that I am no longer certain of the concept of time, or days, or months. How long have I been here? Has it been long enough? I know that despite all the things I was missing in Sydney (culture, excitement, challenges, grime) I will miss this place with its easy streets and shallow waters. Sydney truly is beautiful as a city – it can be slow in all the evenings when the light stretches for hours, coloring the windows of the new high rise buildings yellow and orange, and it can be fast in all the mornings when bodies and bikes cross the bridge with their lattes in one hand and phones in the other.

It is a city I won’t forget and likely a city I will want to return back to. It is a place that changed me but not because of the city but because of the experiences here. There were simply too many nights in Stitch bar or Palmer and Co. and too many hot days crossing the bridge back home from the city. There were too many moments when I felt completely at home in Carriageworks or the rooftop bar of the MCA and too many seconds when I felt out of place just lying on a beach, doing nothing.

It’s easy to live here and easy to forget anything else. This has always bothered me a bit in the back of my mind but it was just so easy to let it slip while sitting in all the cozy cafes with their avocado on toasts and soy piccolos. The city is made for living but right now I feel like I am not there yet – I am still trying to understand who I am before I can live it fully. But I do have a feeling that I will return and make it my own once again.

Music as of late: Big Scary – The Opposite of Us