Now what you think about that

I have landed in Copenhagen after a whole day of traveling. This move has been the hardest one so far of all my previous 9 relocations. It was emotional in every respect – I was leaving behind just too much this time around and I had no real idea what I was getting myself into. And it is just so hard right now not missing Sydney with all my heart – all the little things I never really appreciated until they were gone: the sun reflecting off of the Barangaroo buildings; the walk to work through a leafy alley full of ibises; the calming deep greens of the botanical gardens with the rocks, the harbor bridge, and the opera just peeking through the leaves; the entire long walks through the city, chinatown, and darling harbor back home just in time to catch the sun setting over the Anzac bridge from my apartment; the feeling of being somewhere else – even a different city – anytime when I went to a different suburb; the bars that were all the same and yet somehow very different in mood and atmosphere; the hunt for cool things to do; and all of the excellent coffee everywhere.

I’ve been in Copenhagen for a couple of hours only but I already know that this city lacks all of the above. It reminds me more of Wroclaw than Prague at least in its architecture. So far people have been very kind and everyone was super helpful in perfect English. It’s been sunny the whole day and the sun has been up since 6am and is still far from setting now at 6pm. I haven’t seen the actual city center yet I think. Every shop is selling summer clothing only while I desperately need a warmer jacket. Cafe food and beverages are super expensive. The city feels small right now and there seems to be even less people than in Sydney city over the weekends.

You cannot really do anything here until you get your national registration ID so I haven’t been able to set up a bank account, get a transport card, or register for gym – all the things I was able to get done in an hour in Sydney. Most everyone here is in some combination of sports sneakers, long black coat, black trousers, and some dark-colored scarf. I don’t understand a single word they are saying in Danish yet but I do have the situational awareness here because Copenhagen is still a European city after all.

I have no idea what to think yet and I am desperately trying to not compare everything to Sydney or Prague or Wroclaw or Oxford or…

Music as of late: SoulChef – Woke Up Making Money (feat. Declaime)