15 minutes in a different timezone

Writing from Stockholm after some long months of having not much to say. I’ve been traveling a lot in the past few months and there’s been quite a lot of enjoyable work that’s been keeping me up. Stockholm reminds me of Melbourne with its chic streets and bright faces with stylish sunglasses. Life is good and exciting and there is so much new around me – new things to learn and do, new people, new challenges. I feel like this must be really crazy for my friends to constantly listen to these shifts from feeling restless to feeling put, from running to still, from looking forward and reflecting. But somehow in my mind it all makes sense.

I am really excited to be working on the things I work on now. The increasingly complex scope in both creative technology and creative workflows establish the best playing field for insightful, challenging problems. And it’s been a blast to be more involved in Copenhagen itself, speaking at CopenX about VR and how to think of commercializing experiences for the next content driven platform and meeting up with the best minds at the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design. In Stockholm this week, I’ll be leading a huge internal bootcamp aimed at ramping up as many of our people on data+creatives as possible.

Today I feel like I see well into the future and where we are going. Today I feel like I am uncompromising when it comes to my priorities. Maybe this is what growing up really feels like and why maybe I shouldn’t have sped through school so fast. There was a meme on Tumblr about 7 things you need to accomplish before being an adult and I just about made it to 3/7 (I still don’t always call my doctor myself) but life feels kind of ok now and doable and at the same time challenging in all the right ways.

I feel happy to be where I am and see people around me challenging me and helping me grow. More of these weeks please!

Music as of late: Major Lazer & DJ Maphorisa – Particula


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